Chat with a Terrific Writer Nick Kazan

Reconnected with a writer I’ve worked with in the past – the wonderful and talented Nick Kazan.  Nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe for his amazing script THE REVERSAL OF FORTUNE.

You need to read his article on notes.  He’s absolutely right – the most well-meaning person in the world can give you awful notes.  You are the creator of your universe.  You need to stick to your guns when you know it’s the right thing to do.

Written By – April | May 2012 : On Receiving “Notes”


One thought on “Chat with a Terrific Writer Nick Kazan

  1. Father Merrin says:

    Interesting. As a former exec, of course, my first instinct was to say, “but most screenwriters are hacks” or “some of the greatest movies — Casablanca for one — came out of a very chaotic writing process. But ultimately, Kazan is mostly right. Who were we, just a few years into the movie business, to give a 20 year screenwriter notes? And even more true — how often were our notes really the result of a careful and considered thought process? (Hardly ever.)

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